Why isn’t God helping us when there is so much suffering around?

This is a question one hears quite often. Recently it was brought to my notice again when speaking with a friend about our fight with Covid-19 which I’ve written about over here) and he recommended that we blog about it

Responsibility / Dominion

We must remember that God has given over the world and everything in it to mankind (Genesis 1:26 - 1:31). He has given full control aka dominion over everything in the Earth to us (Psalm 115:16).

What then does “Dominion” mean? – It means sovereignty or control. God has given us full control over Earth which also means that what happens on earth is determined by mankind, not by God. God is a gentleman; he honours his word and does not force His will on us i.e. we have the freedom to make the choices.

Impact of choices we make - the Peter Parker princicple

Each one of us makes choices and then we must live with the result of our choices. Or simply put for the secular folks – the Peter Parker principle - With great power comes great responsibility.

Simple example: as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown the pollution in world has fallen dramatically. There are news articles that show that Himalayas seen for first time in decades from 125 miles away after pollution drop in certain places in India. So was it God that caused people to get respiratory illness in India or was it due to all the pollution caused by mankind.
Think about it….

Ok, so mankind made mistakes but why does God not help us?

When we bought our house from the Builder; once they handed the keys over to us, the Builder cannot enter our home. Whatever defects or issues occur in the house will remain unless we ask the Builder to come in and remediate.

Likewise, God has given us full control and unless we invite Him to come in and help us He will be unable to do so because He has given us free will and does not want to force Himself on us.

When I was fighting Covid-19; I followed medical advice, but it was only when we invited God to our situation that we saw a miraculous breakthrough. So, God didn’t make me sick but He helped me get through. And we as a family are now able to encourage others.


This world is broken but we are called to be the salt and light of the world it is our duty to pray as mentioned in the Lords prayer that God’s kingdom come, and His will be done, on earth as in heaven i.e. we are not to pray to go to Heaven alone but for Heaven to come to Earth. And by being the hands and feet of God we help the environment, people, community, country in realising its full potential and by helping each other thus bring heaven on earth.

God will help us – just as a loving Father is waiting for his child to call to him – as soon as we invite Him into our circumstances for a breakthrough. So invite Him and He will answer…